At CaliberFocus, by garnering the power of Information Technology, we always strive to give our customers an edge over their competition. To achieve this, once we understand the requirements, in a transparent manner and with a consultative approach we choose appropriate technologies, tools and solutions that help achieve the desired outcome for our customers.


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Software Testing

We Offer a Wide
Variety of IT Services

Manual QA Testing

We offer manual testing services: test execution, crystal clear reports indicating the quality of the software, defect tracking and verification of fixes. Our manual QA analysts are experienced in negative scenarios, boundary checks, race conditions, smoke testing, regression, sanity, browser compatibility and user experience testing.

Strategic Test Planning

Our QA team works closely with you to do a thorough analysis of your product by studying its system architecture and the technology stack powering it. We then recommend the best tool to test your product, frequency of testing, and come up with a comprehensive product testing plan.

Performance Testing

Our QA team focuses on performance tests on your web and mobile apps and ensuring that they are thoroughly optimized for performance and are able to handle peak or high-intensity loads. Hire us to run performance tests on your apps and present the best version of your app to your users.

Automated- Testing

Our automation engineers are experienced in writing scripts to simulate functional use cases, performance tests and load/stress tests. Use our expertise to replace manual repetitive tests with automated scripts, which enable the QA analysts to focus on business use cases.

Web and Mobile App Testing

CaliberFocus helps you launch your web and mobile apps with a quick turnaround time by running comprehensive tests on them. The testing process includes functional, performance, localization, device and browser compatibility, user-experience tests, and much more.

Load/Stress Testing

We offer comprehensive load or stress testing of different types of software and mobile apps. We check the endurance of your product or app under different testing conditions and check that it works fine in all scenarios. Thorough stress testing prevents real-time product breakdown or failure.

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we specialize in manual and automated testing of software. It could be a new product that you are building or an existing product that you wish to refine and relaunch; we offer testing by seasoned veterans who understand how good software should function. Test finding reports are generated and shared in real time with you.

Comprehensive QA testing for mobile and web apps

Great Products Enhanced by QA-Testing.

Latest Works

Few of Our Projects

Our team of certified quality assurance professionals will thoroughly test your software solutions, identify bugs, and help you resolve them. Satisfy your customers with a great product and a happy user experience.

Intuitive solution for medical billing

Medical billing software plays a key role in the healthcare industry. A good and powerful medical billing software helps healthcare providers and patients save precious time and can be a key differentiator for service providers. At CaliberFocus, we have developed a powerful app that solves all your medical billing woes.

Product for bidding projects

This is a real estate application in which user can register and post a construction requirement for which building contractors can bid and get the best quote for the users.